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Dr. Colm O'Reilly
Dublin City University, Irland

High Gifted Education in Ireland - Providing Opportunities for Socio - Economically Disadvantaged Students

Samstag, den 22.09.2018, von 11:45 bis 12:45 Uhr

Raum S2


CTY Ireland is the largest university based programme for gifted students in Europe. Working at Dublin City University (DCU) CTY Ireland caters for over 5,000 students per annum and runs fast paced courses for high ability students aged 6 to 16. Students get the chance to come to a university and study college like subjects at weekends or during the summer. The college is located in an area which traditionally has low attendance rates for university. Through an award winning Access system DCU has increased participation of students from the neighbourhood and CTY Ireland has a number of initiatives for gifted students from disadvantaged areas. This talk will highlight these programmes and provide an example of how using a university is an effective strategy for challenging these students academically and socially and giving them opportunities to meet students of similar ability and setting them on a path for future success.

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Colm O’Reilly PhD is the Director of the Irish Centre for Talented Youth (CTYI) at Dublin City University. CTYI provides fast paced classes for academically talented students aged 6 – 16 years from all over Ireland and overseas. Currently the Centre caters for over 5000 students per annum and it is the only recognised teaching centre for gifted children in the Republic of Ireland. CTYI run over 120 academic courses annually for gifted students. Colm has worked in the area of gifted and talented education for the last 15 years and has published books, articles and presented papers at numerous conferences around the world. He has experience in teacher training for gifted students around Ireland and is responsible for the implementation of many classes and initiatives for gifted children and teachers in Ireland. Colm has recently been appointed as Secretary of the European Council for High Ability and he is also on the Council of the European Talent Support Network. He also serves on international Advisory Boards for gifted programmes in Virginia, Arizona and Maryland.